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Our approach to Intellectual Property valuation is straightforward.  IPmetrics strives to comprehensively understand your assets and specific situation before beginning our analysis.  Once we have a thorough understanding of these important factors, we carefully conduct our research and analysis so that it captures all relevant inputs and considers all possible aspects necessary to provide you with accurate, useful and complete information.

We understand that IP is unique by definition.  Therefore, a "one-size-fits-all" approach is unable to provide you with the precision you need.  We believe in providing professional, competent and thorough analysis that is specific to the client's needs on each and every Intellectual Property valuation project. 

Intangible Asset valuation in general, and Intellectual Property valuation in particular, are specialized processes derived from financial and economic valuation concepts.  To determine the value of a specific instance of Intellectual Property (such as a trademark, patent or copyright), our professionals rigorously apply appropriate methodologies in accordance with recognized Intellectual Property valuation principles.

Valuations are necessary in many contexts.  These may include investment analysis, capital budgeting, merger and acquisition transactions, financial reporting and taxable events, as well as bankruptcy and litigation proceedings.  Our analysis provides the necessary support for the strategic decision making processes utilized by investors, management and counsel during these important events.

IPmetrics is experienced in following the ISO 10668 standard for Brand Valuation, which specifies the international requirements for procedures and methods of monetary brand value measurement.  The monetary value of a brand represents the economic benefit conferred by a brand over its expected useful economic life.

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