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BeamReach Solar developed and manufactured innovative PV products, including: thin-wafer growth; next-generation back-contact cell technology including high voltage, high efficiency cells; solar panel technology and manufacturing processes including "smart" on-board module electronics; and a lightweight, fast-install integrated solar panel and racking system for low-slope rooftops (SprintTM), targeted primarily at the commercial and industrial segment. The Company developed a strong worldwide portfolio of more than 345 patent assets protecting their products and innovations including large clusters related to:

  • Thin, kerfless semiconductor wafer and porous Silicon technology;
  • High efficiency and low or high voltage back contact solar cell technology;
  • Monolithic "backplane" architecture low voltage solar modules and high voltage, rigid or flexible solar modules with "smart on-board electronics; and
  • Sprint light weight, rapid install commercial rooftop solar systems

The portfolio includes more than 130 granted patents (covering the US, AU, CN, EP (DE, DK, FR, GB, NL), JP, KR, and MY) and hundreds of pending applications that continue to be actively and aggressively prosecuted worldwide.

The following video shows the patent portfolio in action:

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9320 Chesapeake Dr. Suite 110
San Diego, CA  92123
Tel. (858) 538-1533


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