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Even today, with the value of Intellectual Property in the US recognized to be over $5 Trillion, many organizations lack a strategy around protecting and monetizing their intellectual property.

In the current economic environment, it has become more essential than ever that these organizations formulate and follow-through on policies for maximizing the value of, protecting and fully leveraging their intellectual property portfolios.

Beyond a routine listing of a company’s intangible assets and intellectual property, a true IP due diligence audit, such as those conducted by IPmetrics professionals, requires assessing the strength of the IP rights in the marketplace, the strength of any competitors’ rights, and the impact of the IP on the company’s product and service offerings.

Licensing has become a predominant strategy that is employed globally in the management of IP portfolios.  Although licensing presents a near-term opportunity to generate high-margin cash flow, caution must be taken to ensure the correct strategy is implemented, so as not to jeopardize the overall value of the portfolio. IPmetrics professionals can help identify the licensing opportunities currently available to your organization, while helping you to understand the potential risks associated with such an effort.

Disposition of intellectual property has evolved considerably over the last decade.  While intangible assets were once the last asset group given consideration in a disposal environment, these assets are now being recognized as the primary value component of most successful organizations.  Over the years, IPmetrics professionals have been involved in the disposition of many significant intellectual property portfolios, including Collins & Aikman, Fortunoff, and Tower Records.

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