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Transaction Due Diligence

Intangible assets and intellectual property are increasingly recognized as central elements of the value being transferred in most transactions in the modern economy.  Whether you are interested in purchasing or selling trademarks, patents or intellectual property of any kind, considering a merger, or reviewing an existing business venture, it is imperative that you understand the value of the asset(s) before entering negotiations.  This is true for transactions involving stand-alone assets as well as IP that is part of a larger transaction or merger.

IPmetrics can assist you in determining the value of your IP prior to these important transitional events, not only in terms of value to your organization, but also the value to the potential acquiror/seller.  Armed with this knowledge, you can effectively negotiate an advantageous price while at the same time circumventing months of wasted effort.

We have been involved in numerous IP valuation projects where careful analysis and thorough research have provided the difference between the successful conclusion of a deal and disappointed parties on all sides.  When you need competent and professional due diligence, IPmetrics can help.




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