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BeamReach Solar developed and manufactured innovative PV products, including: thin-wafer growth; next-generation back-contact cell technology including high voltage, high efficiency cells; solar panel technology and manufacturing processes including "smart" on-board module electronics; and a lightweight, fast-install integrated solar panel and racking system for low-slope rooftops (Sprint), targeted primarily at the commercial and industrial segment.   The following video shows the patent portfolio in action:

Beamreach Solar developed a strong worldwide portfolio of more than 345 patent assets protecting their products and innovations including large clusters related to:

  • Thin, kerfless semiconductor wafer and porous Silicon technology;
  • Very thin epitaxial silicon of 10-50 um (compared to industry of ~180um) reduces significant wasteful wire sawing processes;
  • Enabling device structures, manufacturing processes for cost-reduced large-area epitaxial silicon lift off (ELO) wafering and device fabrication;
  • High efficiency and low or high voltage back contact solar cell technology; 
  • Process flows for lower manufacturing cost using thin silicon that is deployable for semiconductors, LEDs and other applications;
  • Demonstrated baseline solar cell efficiency with a median conversion efficiency of 21.8%;
  • Monolithic "backplane" architecture low voltage solar modules and high voltage, rigid or flexible solar modules with "smart on-board electronics;
  • Increases the yield of very thin silicon;
  • Enables interconnection of silicon cells using laser patterning on backplane and creating mini iCells for voltage increase and cell-level attachment of smart chips/electronics for improved module performance (e.g., shade management and maximum power point tracking);

The portfolio currently includes more than 122 granted/allowed patents covering the US and more than 10 other countries (See patent list) and 120 pending applications that continue to be actively and aggressively prosecuted worldwide, resulting in dozens of recent granted patents.

A detailed portfolio spreadsheet can be downloaded here, and a portfolio summary is available here.

For information on the portfolio, including licensing opportunities contact:

Daryl Martin at (858) 223-0433 ( or
David Shoneman at (267) 573-4257 (


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9320 Chesapeake Dr. Suite 110
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