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e.DIGITAL Corp. Retains IPmetrics for the Monetization of the NUNCHI® Patent Portfolio

San Diego, CA (March 2013).– e.Digital Corporation (OTCQB: EDIG), the owner of a comprehensive technology portfolio relating to context and interpersonal awareness technologies, announced today that it has retained IPmetrics Intellectual Property Consulting to manage the valuation and monetization of the Nunchi patent portfolio.

The Nunchi patent portfolio consists of six issued U.S. patents, as well as additional continuations, covering important aspects of integrating cloud-based servers, existing communication networks and relational databases, to both understand and anticipate the needs of people.

“The technology specified in the Nunchi patents is at the core of many of the most interesting and powerful services and devices that will be reaching consumers in the near future,” said Daryl Martin, Managing Principal at IPmetrics. “From our perspective, this portfolio will make it possible for the most innovative companies in the U.S. to lead their industries in the coming wave of interconnected and interactive sensor-based products and services.

e.Digital has a 24-year track record of innovation and significant investment in a robust intellectual property asset base. The company’s accomplishments include: developing noise cancellation products and technology that ultimately led to the industry-leading Jabra line of hands-free communication devices; employing removable flash memory in portable digital voice recorders allowing for PC-based data management; and,  working closely with OEMs and corporate clients, including Hewlett-Packard/Disney, Bang & Olufsen, Gateway, Lanier Healthcare, Toshiba, Intel, and Lucent, to design and develop highly specialized technological solutions. For nearly a decade, e.Digital’s technology platform has powered portable inflight entertainment (IFE) systems used by airlines throughout the world.

“As we transition to a new and expanded phase of portfolio monetization, we are very excited to be represented by such an experienced and capable team,” said e.Digital president and CEO, Fred Falk. “While we have demonstrated success in obtaining significant licenses for our Flash-R™ patent portfolio, we believe the Nunchi portfolio presents substantial opportunities as well. Our strategy is to license companies whose wide range of products and strategic directions are most benefited by the critical rights in the Nunchi portfolio. We look forward to working with IPmetrics in this new aspect of e.Digital’s patent portfolio monetization effort .

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