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Complimentary Consultation

The best way to appreciate if our valuation, monetization, or expert witness services are the right fit for your client or case, is exploring exactly what IPmetrics can do for you in a specific situation.  Call, email, write, or tweet us for details on a free consultation which includes an initial and a concluding conference call as well as a STAT analysis of the Intellectual Property and its context.  IPmetrics excels in providing services in the following categories:


Valuations are necessary in many contexts.  These may include investment analysis, capital budgeting, merger and acquisition transactions, financial reporting and taxable events, as well as bankruptcy and litigation proceedings.  In these situations, the value of the intellectual property involved is often absent from conventional financial information.  We can develop a STAT analysis of value on the basis of our opening conversation and some basic data, which we can present at our concluding conference.  You will then be in a better position to decide how to best proceed; whether an in-depth valuation is necessary, or if a brief opinion letter is sufficient.


Many intellectual property owners, from individual inventors to multinational corporations, have found themselves in a position where directly exploiting their intangible assets is not the best use of their resources.  In these cases, leveraging them by sale, license, or other means is a profitable and suitable strategy.  In our initial consultation, and depending on the information made available, we can help you gauge the prospective market for the intellectual property under consideration, and sketch out a strategy for extracting maximum value applying our experience in the monetization of this asset class.

Expert Witness

Enforcing intellectual property rights often requires the experience of infringement damages experts who can assist in the strategic analysis, discovery, and trial testimony phases.  Our experts have substantial experience in the various types of intellectual property litigation and will be able to discuss potential damages theories or approaches based on the basic information available to share in our initial consultation. Often, we have found litigators discover or open up new lines of inquiry after talking with us and, with the additional insight gained from our conversation, a formal engagement can begin.

Our contact information is listed on the right panel of this page, and the rest of the website contains additional information about our capabilities and experience, including our experts' resumes in the About Us section.

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