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IPmetrics Adds Experienced Partners to Intellectual Property Consulting Practice

January 1, 2010


San Diego, Calif. – As it enters its second decade in providing intellectual property consulting services, IPmetrics LLC announced it had reached an agreement to add two senior-level members to the firm to continue expanding with the growing need for its specialized services.

Daryl Martin and Fernando Torres, formerly Vice President and Senior Economist, respectively, of a leading intellectual asset management firm, add to IPmetrics’ capabilities as they bring substantial and diverse valuation, expert witness and monetization experience. “Qualified IP valuation practitioners are in short supply. The addition of Mssrs. Martin and Torres is a key milestone in the continued ascent of IPmetrics as a leading provider in the intellectual property consulting space,” said David Drews, IPmetrics founder and president. “Their collective knowledge and experience is dynamic and not easy to find, that is why adding Mr. Martin and Mr. Torres to our IP practice will have an immediate impact on our future growth prospects.”

“In the midst of the recession, IP owners are turning to trademark rights, patents, and other forms of intangible assets to capitalize, expand, and re-position their companies, not only in the industrial and commercial sectors, but increasingly in the expansive online economy,” stated Mr. Torres, who will be taking on the role of Chief Economist at IPmetrics.

For his part, Mr. Martin, who is Co-chair of the Asset Sales Committee for the American Bankruptcy Institute, expressed that “IPmetrics is well-positioned to expand its in-depth valuation analysis and monetization capabilities, allowing the company to better support IP owners in their efforts to extract maximum leverage from their intangible asset investments.”

“Mr. Martin will have primary responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the company, as well as oversee IPmetrics’ monetization efforts,” said Mr. Drews. “There is an expanding market demand that IPmetrics has been servicing since its founding in 2000, which continues to grow as we enter our second decade in business,” added Mr. Drews.

About IPmetrics

IPmetrics Intellectual Property Consulting ( is a USA based firm specializing on the valuation and monetization of intellectual property and intangible assets, as well as the provision of expert services related to the calculation of economic damages in litigation. Founded in 2000, IPmetrics’ professionals offer leading law firms and corporations a full spectrum of intellectual property services including due diligence audits, licensing strategy analysis, IP portfolio appraisal and transfer pricing studies, to support in royalty rate determination, monetization and IP rights litigation.

IPmetrics' clients value the unique combination of experience and qualifications that support our proven ability to identify key issues, apply the most suitable and sophisticated analytical tools to value and communicate results to clients, advisors, and juries.   IPmetrics serves clients throughout North America from its California headquarters and has established partnerships with professionals to support European clients.

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