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Marketing & Advertising


Dr. John Burnett, marketing and advertising expert for IPmetrics, is Professor Emeritus (University of Denver), recently retired after forty-one years as a marketing professor at five universities. Dr. Burnett has taught courses in advertising, marketing strategy, branding, marketing research, marketing metrics, nonprofit marketing, and services marketing. He is the author or co-author of twenty books and over sixty journal articles. He has won numerous teaching and research awards.

Dr. Burnett has also extensive experience in providing expert reports, affidavits and declarations, survey research, depositions, and trial testimony as an expert witness for over twenty years in the areas of intellectual property and marketing on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. His experience as an expert witness and marketing consultant has resulted in his most recent book, “How Marketing Can Help Lawyers Make More Money.

As a marketing consultant, Dr. Burnett has been a resource for companies large and small, as well as small to mid-sized law firms. In addition, he regularly is asked to deliver keynote talks, training, and coaching.

Areas of expertise:

  • Marketing/Marketing Practices 
  • Advertising/Deceptive Advertising 
  • Pricing/Deceptive Pricing 
  • Personal Selling/Deceptive Selling 
  • Marketing Research/ Research Assessment 
  • Trademark/ Confusion, Deception, Infringement 
  • Consumer Behavior 
  • Branding/ Brand Equity 
  • Class Action Litigation

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9320 Chesapeake Dr. Suite 110
San Diego, CA  92123
Tel. (858) 538-1533


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